About Us

Nina Gibson & Brooksie Wells

Nina Gibson is a scientist providing engineering services to the Federal Aviation Administration and previously to the Space Shuttle program. Her working methods include using intuition in structured environments. As a musician, mother, and modern shamanic practitioner, she bridges scientific and spiritual paths. She conducts workshops based on Native American Teachings, including mask making and the medicine wheel.

Nina’s music can be found at wheresnina.com.


Brooksie Wells is an intuitive consultant specializing in growth management on personal and corporate levels. She combines her talents as a musician, teacher, mother, and writer with her corporate background to facilitate upbeat workshops for clients as diverse as NBC, Johnson & Johnson, Bell Atlantic, and Michigan Bell. She recently developed a minority outreach training program for the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Brooksie’s music can be found at brooksiewells.com.

“The workshop was a wonderful, safe place to open to our intuitive power. We learned many helpful tools and Nina and Brooksie were always accepting and loving and patient guides along the path.” Pat Reid

“A fascinating journey to find the answers within. Thank you for
your guidance, your good humor, and good food too!” Beth Latture, artist

“Helpful, insightful, motivational.”
 Barbara E.